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Greetings, visitor! Welcome to Promises, a dedication to the younger of the Farron siblings, Serah Farron. Serah hails from the Final Fantasy XIII subseries (2009-2014) of the Final Fantasy franchise, most commonly known as the Lightning Saga. The series was made and published by Square Enix, and XIII is ongoing receiver of many a mixed review, but we'll get to that later.

Serah is the main motivator and catalyst that starts XIII's epic, not to mention the lead protagonist of the first sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is a fascinating character in her own right and since her first appearance, and arguably since her intitial reveal, I have always been enamored by Serah. She is my most favourite of heroines - and I sure do have a lot of female characters that I love. This site has been a long time coming, is all I can say.

Promises is listed at Amassment and Those Who Fight, and doubles as approved fanlisting for Serah. You absolutely should join her legion of fans, seeing as you're here already.

Please be aware that Promises is not spoiler free. Spoilers for all three games (XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns) will be unmarked. Please tread carefully! This site is written assuming that the reader has at least a passing knowledge of the series, and is super effective against those who know the series well. I mean, best enjoyed. Yes.

Lastly, this tribute is maintained by Rems, and all updates can be found at Lumas. If you have any questions (or comments), feel free to drop me an e-mail.